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At Exclusive Nails & Beauty Perth I can cater to all your Beauty needs, So why not try one of my relaxing treatments today!

... Just lay back and relax ...

CND™ SHELLAC® Manicure on Natural Nails or Toes 40mins $35.00

Trim & file to a shape you desire, pushing back cuticles with cuticle work, application of a base coat, 2-3 coats of CND Shellac colour with CND Shellac Dura Force top coat for a long-lasting shine. Finishing with a cuticle Oil and hand cream.

Exclsuvie Nails Perth Manicure treatments
Manicure Treatments


EXCLUSIVE NAILS SPA Manicure 45 mins: $50.00

Treat yourself with the ultimate luxury for your tired, hardworking hands. Firstly, shaping nails, applying cuticle remover, then relaxing in a soothing CND Spa nail soak, treating cuticles, followed with a hand and arm exfoliating scrub, removal with hot towel. Next up is a cuticle conditioning treatment cream and cuticle oil, with a hand/arm treatment cream and a polish of your choice. That’s a lot of TLC for your hands!


DELUXE SPA Manicure 60 mins: $60.00

An intense hand treatment starts with shaping the nails, applying cuticle remover, then dip into a CND Spa nail soak, treating cuticles, applying an invigorating arm and hand scrub, hot towels, followed with a cuticle conditioning treatment cream and cuticle oil, then sit back and enjoy a stimulating hand and arm massage. A mask and Paraffin wax is then applied to sooth and refresh the skin, removal with hot towels, then followed by a polish of your choice. Your hands will love you for it!

Exclusive Nails Perth Pedicure Treatments
Pedicure Treatments


EXCLUSIVE NAILS SPA Pedicure 45 mins: $50.00

Relax in the comfort of my Belava Pedicure chair with a Pedi liner, inbuilt massager and heater for the feet, De-stress and revive tired feet with this sumptuous treatment. Firstly, trimming and shaping nails, applying cuticle remover, then immerse into a soothing foot bath, treating cuticles, leg and foot scrub, treating heels, followed by a cuticle conditioning treatment cream and cuticle oil, relaxing foot and leg treatment cream and finishing with a polish of your choice. A yummy fruit and nut platters with water is also provided.

DELUXE Pedicure 60 mins: $60.00

A one-hour intense foot treatment will help you to relax and unwind while your nails are trimmed and files to shape, application of cuticle remover, then soaking in a soothing aromatic foot bath, treating the cuticles and heels, followed by an invigorating foot and leg scrub, then applying a cuticle conditioning treatment cream and cuticle oil. Then drift away with a relaxing foot and leg massage! Focusing on those pressure points and releasing tension. followed by the application of a hydrating foot mask and Paraffin wax treatment. Removed with hot towels. All finished with a treatment cream and a polish of your choice. A yummy fruit and nut platters with water is also provided. Oh and don’t forget to wear open shoes!

Maintaining your pedicure

  • Please bring a pair of flip-flops on the day to ensure you won’t smudge your polish.

  • Regular use of a Heel cream is essential, it will keep them soft and prevent cracking.

  • Regular use of cuticle oil will keep the cuticle and nail bed hydrated.

  • A thin layer of clear topcoat can be applied over your nail polish after a week. This ensures it keeps its glossy finish and prolongs its wearability 

Callous Remover


Add to your Pedicure treatment for $10.00

A Special treatment for dry cracked heels that need special attention.

Using Creative Nail Design products: Sea Scrub an aromatic foot scrub with quartz crystals and marine alpha-hydroxy acids for dual exfoliation of rough dry skin on the soles of the feet then followed with Sea Serum for breaking down tough calluses. Finishing with Cucumber Heal Therapy treatment cream.


Exclusive Nails Perth Paraffin Wax Treatment
Paraffin Treatment


Stand-alone Treatment for $25.00

Add to your Manicure or Pedicure for $10.00

 Be sure to add a Paraffin Wax Treatment to your next service.


This luxurious moisturising treatment provides intensive moisture therapy that nourishes skin & cuticles while penetrating heat increases circulation, easing aching joints, relaxes muscles and leaves your skin healthy and more radiant.

Paraffin Wax is beneficial for arthritis, joint stiffness, dry flaky skin and tired sore muscles. Perfect during the colder months.

IBX Treatments


Stand-alone treatment for $40.00

Add to your next Manicure for $10.00

IBX is a New & Revolutionary two-part system that acts as a Protective Shield for the natural nail under any Gel Polish Coating and can also be used as a Natural Nail Strengthening System to grow natural nails more readily on their own! 


IBX is the first system of it's kind...this penetrative toughening system works inside the nail (instead of top), is cured with LED light and forms an interpenetrating polymer network that fuses the upper layers of the nail together. 


The result is a tougher natural nail that can grow on its own or act to protect the nail against frequent and potentially damaging removal.

Use in addition to IBX to treat particularly weak, thin, and damaged nails.

Can be used as a complete protective shield under Gel Polish AND for specific damage repair.  More on IBX Treatment





Perfection Over The Top

IBX BOOST is a FLEXIBLE and STRONG over the top universal nail coating that is the perfect compliment to the IBX System

IBX BOOST will smooth, strengthen, protect and act as a buffer layer under other services.

The IBX BOOST System can be used as:

A natural nail overlay for strength and protection

A protective coating under other services such as  Gel Polish

Extends Gel Polish wear up to three weeks or more




Eyebrow  $20.00
Lip Wax  $10.00
Chin  $10.00

Full Arm  $30.00
Half Arm $20.00

Face Side $15.00

Full Leg  $40.00
Half Leg  $30.00
Bikini  $15.00

Using Lycon and Caron Wax

Lash Lift & Tinting


Lash Lift $55.00
Eyebrow Tint $15.00

Eyelash Tint with arm & hand massage $20.00 

Using ReflectoCil & Belmacil Products for tinting,  

Free from p-Phenylenediamine (PPD).

Our tints contain the ingredient called 2.5 Tolulene Diamine which belongs to the same family of ingredients but is much less irritating.

No animal testing!

Colours & Oxidants are vegan!


Elleebana One Shot Lash Lift opens the eyes, gives the appearance of longer, thicker and darker lashes. The results are AMAZING!

🐰  No Animal Testing

🥦  Vegan Friendly

💯  Gluten Free

🚫  Paraben, Latex & Formaldehyde Free

☁️   Hypoallergenic

The Lash Lift procedure uses silicon rods, this technique will lift and curl your own natural lashes to create a brighter, fuller, wide eyed look.

No need for extensions and the associated aftercare/maintenance.


This will last you 6-10 weeks and can be combined with an Eyelash tint for a more noticable effect!

The whole procedure generally takes around 45 mins to an hour.

Pre-Treatment Advice

  • Have your eyes free of make-up for your appointment 

  • Remove contact lenses 

  • Tell us if you have any eye infections or irritations as we will need to wait till after the problem has cleared to perform the lash lift


Post-Treatment Advice

  • Keep your lashes dry and free of make up 24hrs after your lash lift

  • Do not use any oil based products on your lashes 

  • Do not rub your lashes

  • You can wear eye make up 24hrs after your lash lift

rescue deep pore cleanser duo.jpg
Tu'el Facials

Facial (45mins) $50.00


My facials are all about you. Each treatment begins with an assessment of your skin’s needs, followed by a deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation, hydrating Eye cream and hydrating serum then finishing off with a mask. You’ll emerge feeling fresh and fabulous.


A complimentary hand and arm massage is included with every facial.


Deluxe Facial (60mins) $65.00

Start your journey to a softer complexion with a Moisture Plus Deep Pore Cleansing Oil, Herbal Toner then exfoliating your skin to a youthful new glow followed with a Power Scrub. Formulated with Pumice, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Vitamin E and Chamomile to refine your skin’s surface. Applying an Eye Cream lightweight lotion and Hydrating moisturiser. Anise Oil and Vitamin E help provide moisture, protect and repair. Followed by a relaxing Facial massage, then finishing off with a soothing moisture rich mask.


Two things are for sure your skin will be left feeling nourished and rich with essential moisture.


The Tu’el Facial system is formulated for each skin type and free of Phthalates, Sulfates, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Synthetic Dyes or Fragrances, 100% Vegan and NO Animal Testing Ever!

Tu'el is available to salons only and is not sold in any department stores.

An Organic Facial range tried and tested by myself. If you’re looking for a new Skincare line this is it!

Read more on Tu'el

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